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  • Stay tuned for Jamie’s workbook helping children manage their feelings around their food allergies.

  • Don’t Forget to do Your Back to School Check – In!

  • Phew, your child successfully transitioned back to school. Your plans are in place for keeping your food allergic child safe and it seems everyone is following through. Yes!
    Now that your child has had a few weeks to get adjusted it’s time to do your back-to-school check in. Ask a few simple questions to assess how your child is doing emotionally.
    Here are a few examples.

    What is your favorite part of the school day?
    What has been the most challenging part of school so far?
    If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your class, school, lunch time?
    Who makes you feel most comfortable in school?
    Do you have classmates that are kind about your food allergies? Anyone who seems like they don’t understand?
    If you could change something about your food allergy plan it would be…
    Is there any area you would like some help or support with in school?
    Have you met anyone you would like to add to your “team?”

  • About

    Jamie Perillo, LPC is a licensed child, adolescent, and family psychotherapist, parent and wellness educator, author, speaker, and founder of Inspired Families. She serves on the advisory board of the Food Allergy Education Network and as the Behavioral Specialist for Little Ivy Nursery School.

    Jamie earned a BA in Psychology and a BA in English from her undergraduate studies and a MA in Clinical Psychology from her graduate studies. She was also inducted into the Psi Chi National Honors Society.

    Jamie works with children, parents, and families in her private practice. She is dedicated to supporting and empowering families through her practice, writing, and workshops.

    Jamie has a workbook coming out soon (stay tuned!) for children with food allergies. Through her practice and monthly support group Jamie specializes in helping children cope with their food allergy anxiety.

    As a Certified Yoga Instructor specializing in yoga therapy (Jamie graduated from Sierra Bender’s Wholistic Yoga Therapy Teacher Training) Jamie uses her training to compliment traditional treatment modalities, provide stress management, and empower families. She has taught yoga workshops to pre-teens and teens for the YMCA’s Upward Bound Program, Strong Kids Campaign, and co-facilitated Sierra Bender’s Boot Camp for Goddesses Teens at Omega Institute. Jamie has also taught college graduate students techniques on how to utilize yoga in schools.

    Jamie supports the Whole family. Families leave inspired and empowered.

    About Inspired Families

    Inspired Families helps busy parents authentically raise happy, healthy children. Our tools empower parents by providing strategies to increase meaningful TIME and communication together, teach effective responses for difficult behaviors, decrease anxiety and increase self-esteem. We offer creative, affordable, engaging family activities and suggest health tips to promote mind/body wellness for children and adults. The overall result is a family with less stress, anxiety, and behavioral difficulties and increase in happiness and health. With our tips and tools your day will end feeling as an inspired parent.

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